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My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Perez and I am from Watsonville, California (I actually think it's better than Santa Cruz) but I have recently moved to Los Angeles in a neighborhood called Silver Lake. This is a blog about me, short stories that I write, and whatever else I am interested in. Enjoy!!
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Through the windy roads I drive

Into the heat where the dry mountain sands blow

Up the narrow road I loose control

Through the glass I shatter into a million pieces

Across the ocean, scattered with no air

Harsh currents pull me together

Onto the surface I catch my soul

In the middle with no direction, no sign of land, nowhere to really to go

Yesterday marked one year. The long drive across the mountains into the valley and finally into the scorching desert made it easier to drift in and out of the feelings of guilt and sadness. The anger is not toward you, or God or the doctors. The truth is that I am guilty for your death; there is so much more that could have been done:

  • Monday thru Sunday one cholesterol pill in the morning and another in the afternoon
  • Monday thru Sunday one aspirin
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Monday thru Sunday monitor your blood pressure
  • Monday thru Sunday ask what you ate
  • Monday thru Sunday explain over and over again

It’s not like you could read what was in plain site, and you didn’t trust anyone.

There was so much that you wanted to accomplish; you weren’t ready to leave. It’s hard to let you go over and over again.

Watching 6 neighbors battle out their fireworks shows in Watsonville. Nothing says American than a little friendly competition. #homesweethome

About to watch the Tempt One story and Graffiti Verite at @esmoaorg. #graffiti #losangeles

It’s really odd that my father - Mexican, with the strongest accent would always ask us to put the volume up to this song. Turning up for you dad

When I down you would reach your hand out and with a stern voice say, “levantate.” You have taught me to be brave, to heal my wounds, and have prepared me to be independent. Of course there is so much more to our relationship but for all of the above plus some, I want you to know que te adoro pops. Feliz dia del padre - no hay otro como tu.

Drinking a Stella while looking at a giant @stellaartois ad.