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My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Perez and I am from Watsonville, California (I actually think it's better than Santa Cruz) but I have recently moved to Los Angeles in a neighborhood called Silver Lake. This is a blog about me, short stories that I write, and whatever else I am interested in. Enjoy!!
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Please share! Don’t let this cutie be taken to the pound he’s free and friendly. Contact me if you want him. #dog #pitbull #losangeles

Instead of a stress free jog I decided to opt for spirited dancing to some #tbt Ramones albums. #BlitzkriegBop

Sometimes I’m grateful for the past!

We need to make sure kids are literate to keep the cute puppies alive! Vote for @familiesinschools #puppies #keepythepuppiesalive #doitforthepuppies

When I listen to this song, I like to reply “just fine”

Can you tell that the coffee has not kicked in? #help #vote #letsmakeithappen

Pull the bow and arrow

Let go


OMG! OMG! Just found a new spot for fried Oreos in LA!! It’s small hub called #YOLO

Let it be - such simple advise, such a painful thing to do.

Inadvertently following this motto. #sorrynotsorry #twenties #timetodiscover