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My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Perez and I am from Watsonville, California (I actually think it's better than Santa Cruz) but I have recently moved to Los Angeles in a neighborhood called Silver Lake. This is a blog about me, short stories that I write, and whatever else I am interested in. Enjoy!!
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Much love and respect to #GabielGarciaMarquez, one of my favorite literary geniuses. Through his novels and short stories my father and I discussed the themes and details bringing us closer while 300 miles apart.

Splices of light twinkle between my lashes

A burst of wind

Heavy breathing at an altitude that I have not been

Aluminum city that bends for me

My iron wings keep me afloat

Between the alleys are boats

One wise tree grows and flutters its leaves

My leg wraps itself around tightropes

The iron is bent

I refuse to fall

Between the a maze of pipes six floors high

I keep my balance and my head high

Lost and alone not knowing where I am headed  

Some dreams can be really creepy.

Although I have not heard this song in over a year, this was literally the soundtrack to my nightmare last night. Something is definitely not right in my life or I’m picking up on some weird vibes.

Research for a short skit on the conflicts that #Frida iconography has created in shaping a young woman’s personal identity #writing #shortscript

My Saturday goal is to watch five hours of archival footage. Footage produced & captured by Danny Donayre @gardenrule circa 2008 #documentary #editing #losangeles #politicsofyouthculture

My desk decor #work #tgif #communications #videoediting #websiteupdates #multitasking #myjobisbetterthanyours

Cesar Chavez - A Family Affair

In October of 2013 I was lucky enough to be invited to watch a rough cut of the Cesar Chavez movie. I did not want to write anything on the film back then for two reasons:

1)   I’m pretty sure that they wanted me to keep in on the down low; I mean we don’t want to spoil it for others.

2)   The truth is that the rough was fairly disappointing.

Two days after the official release I decided that since I was in Watsonville, visiting family that I would take them in order to support a Mexican-American story. To my disbelief I was completely happy with the new cut.

I’m not going to get into the “nitty-gritty” of it, but the most important part of my experience was that my immigrant father who was a part of the labor movement in the 1980s, my mother who grew up with a line of women who were a part of the labor movement in the 1970s, my brothers who do not really know much about Cesar Chavez, the labor movement or Mexican-American history had an important dialogue about issues that matter to us.  It made us want to “dig-in,” learn more, and reflect on our personal experiences. We had a layered discussion and to me that is what this movie is about.

Once again, thank you to el señor Luna, his executives, and team for bringing this film to so many people. I look forward to seeing more stories of significance on the big screen.

It’s odd to think that I used to change his diapers, watched him take his first steps and deliver his first little league pitch. Happy Birthday to a wonderful baby bro!!

My bros and I have at least one thing in common - A childhood infatuation with Hot Cheetos. Can’t wait to see them this weekend! #family #adventures #mybrosfirstgift2me #photobomb

Remembering a good friend that made me feel great when my world felt like it was falling apart. You will never know how much your love and company helped me forget and just enjoy life. Thank you for taking me back to my element and teaching me so much without having to say anything.

"There are no bad words for the coast today
when we hold our breath until nothing’s left
it all starts to fade.”