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My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Perez and I am from Watsonville, California (I actually think it's better than Santa Cruz) but I have recently moved to Los Angeles in a neighborhood called Silver Lake. This is a blog about me, short stories that I write, and whatever else I am interested in. Enjoy!!
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You know that you’re giving the wrong impression when your mom hands you a self-help book and your younger sibling hands you Life of Pi. #ohchetos #selfhelp #gottagetoutofthisfunk

Ooh hey,

I’m trying to decide

Which way to go

Think I made a wrong turn

Back there somehow…

Guess I was born to make mistakes

So when I stumble off the path

I know my heart will guide me back

Sibling love at the Chinese-American museum. #familyfun #cantdenythesiblingpassion #welearnedalot

#treatyoself #boom #unwind #yolo #icecream

In a heavy haze we drive

I take hold of the steering wheel

Only my headlight’s

reflection in the fog

My angel you ask me if I am afraid

And I say no, I have faith

Sunrise at last, no haze but you are nowhere to be seen

Only to be felt

In the desert heat I drive

Following the interstate signs

We meet in a field of wild berries

On the edge of that cliff next to the ocean

No matter how lost I am,

I’m not really lost

I’ll find my way home,

back to the ocean,

back to you.

At the OC Fair catching up with my good amigo, y buen pastelero.

When the sickies get you, eat a cookie! Thank you @doubletree for bringing @familiesinschools a little gift!! #indulgeinthecookie

Feeling cute in my #vintage shoes.

The chilanga in me luvs this song.

After a wonderful afternoon at the Autry National Museum with @nadia_alison I have decided that my personal theology is - in heaven angeles will have an abundance of @anheuerbush brew, hell is full of statues of angry men that spit money at you and steal it back, and limbo is a romanticized west full of hollywood stereotypes. #Amen